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Efficiency, proficiency, and the ability to anticipate change—these are the qualities a utility or an energy provider owes its shareholders and customers.

ValuTech Solutions can help you:

Analyze the technologies and solutions that are on the market today

In the energy industry, the solutions frequently outnumber the problems. We can help you evaluate and select the best technologies, services and products for your operation.

  • ValuTech specializes in Automated Meter Reading Systems, energy management solutions and industry deregulation.

Adapt to the regulatory environment and the economic constraints of tomorrow

We can help you proactively assess and anticipate the impact of deregulation and economic trends and refine your business plan accordingly. For example, rising energy costs, rising costs of capital improvements, and the growing emphasis on energy buying and capacity limitation may mean that adoption of a demand response system is your best option.

  • We can help with the issues involved: advanced metering, time-of-use-capabilities, energy buy-backs, and other load reduction systems.

Manage and ensure performance

ValuTech will assist in preparation of Requests for Proposals, negotiations with vendors, and management of your bid process. We can help you identify and manage performance issues, including:

  • Technology acquisition
  • Contract requirements
  • Technology field trials
  • Project warranties
  • Guarantees
  • Deployment and installation issues

Performance criteria

We are skilled project managers, with a firm grasp of the logistical and organizational issues associated with deployment of large system solutions.



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