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A privately held company, ValuTech provides assistance based on real-world experience in contract negotiation, technology evaluation and field implementation. We understand your challenges—from the micro to the macro.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms in the energy-related markets?

With decades of hands-on experience in the operations side of the energy industry, we ask the questions others wouldn’t think to ask and troubleshoot the problems others wouldn’t even anticipate.

ValuTech—The Conduit between Utilities and Retailers

We provide assistance to both vendors and utilities, specializing in all of the issues associated with development of new technologies, implementation of new systems, and formulation of load management or demand response programs—areas where, normally, utilities, municipal authorities and utility cooperatives do not staff the depth of experience needed to allow them to negotiate effectively with equipment suppliers, system integrators and energy marketers.

We know the key players and are familiar with virtually every AMR technology. ValuTech Solutions will help you establish profitable partnerships or collaborations that add value to your business and leverage your own core competencies, to provide best in class system solutions. We specialize in providing a total market perspective: technology advances, industry trends, regulatory change and cost/benefit impact.



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